3 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We human beings have the potential and the tendency not only to survive, but to thrive. But our modern lifestyle seems to be taking us farther and farther from our unique potential. We are facing stress, anxiety and depression more than ever before and true happiness seems to be an out of reach privilege.

But it doesn’t have to be so. The ability to be happy and stress free and live a life of inner peace and to thrive is always with us.

Here are 3 proven ways to bring back the calm in your mind, release stress and anxiety and connect with your inner peace.

1- Meditate
Meditation is a simple yet powerful mental exercise that has many benefits for your health and well-being. Meditation quietens your mind and releases tension from your body.
As I mentioned in my article, Train your mind, claim your life, studies have shown that meditation physically changes the structure of your brain and reduces stress and at the same time improvs your cognition function.
Meditation is a natural antidote to stress and the best way to release stress and anxiety.

2- Breathe
We normally don’t consider breathing as a power tool to release stress and bring us inner peace, simply because it happens by itself and we take it for granted.
Usually we are not aware of our breath during the day. But breathing is deeply connected to our mental, physical and emotional state. When you breathe consciously, you will notice that your mind will calm down and your body will relax.
Breathing consciously helps release stress and anxiety and heals your body.

3- Practice gratitude
Gratitude is another effective way that can naturally calm down your mind and remove stress. Gratitude is recognising and appreciating the good things that are in your life rather than things that are not as you want them to. In this article, Embrace the power of gratitude, I explain how simple practice of gratitude is linked to happiness and releasing stress.

These are just 3 simple ways that you can add to your daily routine to remain stress free in this busy lifestyle of modern world.

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Stress – The silent Killer

Stress seems to be a normal part of life these days. But our body is not designed to be in a prolonged stressed state. Moderate amount of stress can even be good for us. But when we are exposed to a constant state of stress, it is harmful for us and it pushes our body to be diseased.

When we are stressed, our body perceives it as danger or a life or death situation, the same as when our ancestors faced a wild bear in the wild thousands of years ago. In a life and death situation like this, our body goes through a series of changes, called fight-flight response, and produces hormones that increase our blood pressure and raise our heart rate to make us ready to fight or run away. In this process all the secondary important activities, such as digestion, slows down and all the energy goes to the vital activities to make us stronger to fight or run away.

After the danger is away, our body will naturally go back to its normal state. But in today’s lifestyle we are encountering stress on a daily basis and our body has to deal with excessive stress hormones. If this continues, our organs gets damaged and disease is the outcome.

Stress is the cause of many disease, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, to name a few.

Reducing stress is a necessity in today’s hectic life. Learn techniques to remove stress to maintain your health and prolong your life.

Meditation Wisdom for Happiness

Last week I came across this quote from Osho.
“Happiness needs no reasons. If you are looking for reasons, you will never be happy.”

It is very relevant to our today’s way of life. Many of us are looking for reasons to be happy, and we chase things — let it be success, wealth, fame, family, love, … — to feel happy. And we often find that the happiness that they bring to us is temporary. We depend our happiness to the externals of life, while happiness is a state within us.

If we learn to simply be happy for nor reason, then our happiness is in our own hand and no one or no thing can take it away from us. Life itself is a beautiful gift that we have and is enough to be happy for. Don’t you think? All the rest that we gather through our journey of life are accessories to this precious gift.

Yes, it is important to have success, to earn money, to find love, to experience the best things in life. But none of these things will bring us true happiness if we don’t know the art of happiness, which is simply be happy, not looking for reasons. If we learn this art, then we enjoy our life and everything in it more — all our success, achievements, experiences, …

As Osho says, “Happiness needs no reasons. If you are looking for reasons, you will never be happy.”

The lesson I got from a nature walk

The other day I was walking in nature near a lake in an autumn afternoon. The lake was rather calm and I could see the reflection of trees on the other side of the lake in the water. The photo above is the actual scene.

As I saw this reflection on the surface of the lake, it reminded me of a metaphor about our mind. Our mind also reflects! It reflects reality and what we see in the outside. How we see life depends on the quality of its reflection of on our mind.

Like this lake, how much clear or how much distorted our mind reflects what is in outside depends on how calm or how agitated it is.The more still the lake of our mind is, the more clearly it reflects things.

How is this relevant to our day-to-day life?

Our mind is the basic tool that we have to live our life. The choices we make, the way we perceive our life, even our happiness or unhappiness, our stress or calmness, they all depend on how our mind functions.

If we want to have a clearer view of our life and its reality, we need to let our mind become quiet and still. A busy and over active mind is like a lake in a windy day. It has many waves of thoughts and it cannot reflect the life out there clearly and with the right proportion.
That is why when we are facing situations that cause us stress, we tend to exaggerate certain things and ignore some other things. When our mind is agitated, it loses the ability to see clearly.

In today’s world with all the stimulants that we constantly face during the day, whether through our busy jobs or through our digital devices, the lake of our mind is constantly wavy. Too much activity in the mind without sufficient rest brings us stress and anxiety. We need to step back from constant activity and give some rest to our mind to settle down the waves of thoughts so that our mind can become quiet and still. Only then we can see and reflect the beautiful picture of life with its unlimited potential.

Meditation is the way to still the mind. Invite meditation to your daily routine to enjoy a stress-free, peaceful and enjoyable life.

Meditation Quiz


Meditation is the buzzword these days for its amazing benefits.

Are you wondering if meditation is for you or not?

Take this quiz to find out.

1. Do you feel stressed at least once a day?
2. Do you feel unhappy most of the time?
3. Do you lack inner peace?
4. Do you have anxiety?
5. Do you get distracted easily and find it difficult to focus?
6. Do you have problem with self-esteem?
7. Do you have health issues?
8. Do you get headaches frequently?
9. Do you have problem with your sleep?
10. Do you get angry or out of control easily?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then meditation is for you.

If you answered yes to 5 or more, then you must add meditation to your life. It will be life changer for you.