Stress – The silent Killer

Stress seems to be a normal part of life these days. But our body is not designed to be in a prolonged stressed state. Moderate amount of stress can even be good for us. But when we are exposed to a constant state of stress, it is harmful for us and it pushes our body to be diseased.

When we are stressed, our body perceives it as danger or a life or death situation, the same as when our ancestors faced a wild bear in the wild thousands of years ago. In a life and death situation like this, our body goes through a series of changes, called fight-flight response, and produces hormones that increase our blood pressure and raise our heart rate to make us ready to fight or run away. In this process all the secondary important activities, such as digestion, slows down and all the energy goes to the vital activities to make us stronger to fight or run away.

After the danger is away, our body will naturally go back to its normal state. But in today’s lifestyle we are encountering stress on a daily basis and our body has to deal with excessive stress hormones. If this continues, our organs gets damaged and disease is the outcome.

Stress is the cause of many disease, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, to name a few.

Reducing stress is a necessity in today’s hectic life. Learn techniques to remove stress to maintain your health and prolong your life.