3 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We human beings have the potential and the tendency not only to survive, but to thrive. But our modern lifestyle seems to be taking us farther and farther from our unique potential. We are facing stress, anxiety and depression more than ever before and true happiness seems to be an out of reach privilege.

But it doesn’t have to be so. The ability to be happy and stress free and live a life of inner peace and to thrive is always with us.

Here are 3 proven ways to bring back the calm in your mind, release stress and anxiety and connect with your inner peace.

1- Meditate
Meditation is a simple yet powerful mental exercise that has many benefits for your health and well-being. Meditation quietens your mind and releases tension from your body.
As I mentioned in my article, Train your mind, claim your life, studies have shown that meditation physically changes the structure of your brain and reduces stress and at the same time improvs your cognition function.
Meditation is a natural antidote to stress and the best way to release stress and anxiety.

2- Breathe
We normally don’t consider breathing as a power tool to release stress and bring us inner peace, simply because it happens by itself and we take it for granted.
Usually we are not aware of our breath during the day. But breathing is deeply connected to our mental, physical and emotional state. When you breathe consciously, you will notice that your mind will calm down and your body will relax.
Breathing consciously helps release stress and anxiety and heals your body.

3- Practice gratitude
Gratitude is another effective way that can naturally calm down your mind and remove stress. Gratitude is recognising and appreciating the good things that are in your life rather than things that are not as you want them to. In this article, Embrace the power of gratitude, I explain how simple practice of gratitude is linked to happiness and releasing stress.

These are just 3 simple ways that you can add to your daily routine to remain stress free in this busy lifestyle of modern world.

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