Meditation provides you the wisdom and techniques which empowers you to take control over your mind and create a life full of happiness, peace and harmony.

Meditation is training of the mind. It is a scientific process which helps reduce the tension in your muscles and your nervous system and calm down your mind.  A calm mind gives you the ability to bring out your greatest potential.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is an art which allows you calm down your mind and live a happy life.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is very effective in reducing stress, improving your immune system, …

Meditation Courses

Learn powerful and effective meditation techniques in a simple and systematic way.


All our courses were created by Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre Academy, Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre. Vikas is one of the leading teachers of meditation in the world today, a best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker.

Our meditation courses are taught by Narjes Gorjizadeh. Narjes is a certified meditation teacher of SoulCentre Academy, who was personally trained and certified by Vikas Malkani to teach mediation from beginners to advanced levels.

* All our meditation courses are completely non-religious.


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