The Wisdom Trip

I am soon flying to the UK to attend a 3-day wisdom Masterclass by Vikas Malkani in a beautiful place by the lake. It is a blessing to have these opportunities to connect with wisdom and to learn from the World’s #1 Wisdom Coach. And it is important to say yes to the opportunities when they arrive.

Growth is a natural part of life. But conscious growth is a privilege specific to human beings. I love to take steps to grow my mind, because you grow your life when you grow your mind. Besides, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment when you consciously work on your growth.

Learning wisdom, connecting with wisdom and living with wisdom makes you grow and makes your life more enjoyable.

Do you have a plan for learning, practicing or doing things that helps you grow? It can be a simple thing, like practicing a meditation technique a few minutes or even a few seconds a day or reading a book. The important thing is to take conscious steps towards your growth to give you a sense of joy.

Meditation and wisdom is a sure way to make you grow and make your life enjoyable. And there is no room for stress and anxiety when you know you are growing and you are on the right track.