Meditation Wisdom for Stress Free Living

Last weekend I was taking a walk in nature in a beautiful park in the heart of Sydney. This picture is a photo I took to share with you.

As I was walking, I noticed my mind and my body is going deeper in a relaxed state. Spending time in nature is very beneficial and it has magnificent calming and healing effects. It has many lessons for us to learn as well.

When you spend some time in nature and you pay attention to it, you will notice everything looks peaceful, at ease, with no hurry. The birds, the trees, the lake, everything is calm and peaceful. There is no sense of hurry in nature.

This sense of being at ease is a natural way to be. However, we human beings are distancing ourselves from this aspect of our nature. Somehow we forgot the art of being at ease. We have usually a sense of hurry, trying to catch up with life, doing one thing after another, leaving no quality time for ourselves and to connect with our natural sense of calm and being at ease.

And stress is the outcome. When you look at nature, you will not find trees or birds stressed out. But we as humans are experiencing some sort of stress every day in our life. We even consider it as a natural part of life. A little bit of stress is ok and it drives us to achieve more, but excessive stress is not natural and it is harmful to our health and the quality of our life.

Nature can be an excellent teacher and an excellent healer for us to learn how to be at ease and to bring our body and our mind back to balance, to its natural state.

When you find yourself stressed, it is a good idea to spend some time in nature and benefit from its calm energy and maybe learn lessons from it.

Wisdom of meditation teaches you how to be stress free and at the same time reach your maximum potential.