Meditation Wisdom – the Key to Stress Free Living

Are you stressed? Do you feel your job is stressful?

I get it! For years I was experiencing stress at work and I was feeling overwhelmed. So much so that my health started to deteriorate and my journey to healing started.

I was extremely fortunate that I found a program called Meditation Made Simple created and taught by Vikas Malkani, the World’s #1 Wisdom Coach.

The wisdom and techniques of meditation that I learned in this program literally changed my life. I started seeing the benefits from day 1. Soon I was in the same job situation with the same load of work but I wasn’t stressed out any more. The wisdom and techniques really worked!

Fast forward to a few years later, I am teaching the same program that changed my life to others and I coach people to live a happy and stress free life, using the wisdom and techniques that I learned from Vikas Malkani.

I continued studying wisdom and meditation ever since I attended the very first course (Meditation Made Simple). It is my passion and my mission now to share this life changing wisdom with as many people as I can and change many more lives for the better.

We often suffer from stress, anxiety, unhappiness, … unnecessarily. If we know and apply the right wisdom as we go through the journey of our life, it will be a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Wisdom of meditation is the treasure that makes the journey of life enjoyable for us, rather than struggling with stress and anxiety. Life is too short to be struggling, don’t you think?