3 ways to stay calm in this challenging time of Coronavirus outbreak

As we are going through this Coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to stay calm and in our best shape, both physically and mentally.

We might feel fear, anxiety and uncertainty, but now it is important more than ever before to remain positive and look for ways to empower ourselves to go through this challenging time peacefully. and perhaps even making something good out of it.

Here are a few tips on how to remain calm and peaceful in challenging time.

1- Remember it is temporary
First thing to remember is that this situation is temporary, soon it will go back to normal. At the moment, we have to make some adjustments to how we work, shop, communicate, in fact in the way we live. But eventually it will all go away. It is best to remind ourselves of this fact and do our best to cope with the change peacefully and mindfully rather than resisting it.

2- Meditate
Meditation is extremely helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and bringing peace to your mind. It is a scientific fact that meditation calms the nervous system, reduces tension in the body and improves immune system. These are things that we need the most to help our body and our mind be at their best during this COVIT-19 outbreak.

3- Remember the good
No matter how overwhelming the news are about the situation in the world today, we can always remind ourselves of all the good things that are in our life right now. Yes, I’m talking about our blessings. There are countless blessings hidden in each moment of life, but they get disguised in the overwhelmed mind that is focused on the what is going wrong.

Simply take a deep breath and think of at least 3 blessings that you have in your life right now. I help you out. The first thing can be that you are alive and you have this breath that you have just taken in. Or the fact that you have a safe place to live, you have food to eat, clean water to drink. These are things that we tend to take for granted as we go through our day-to-day life. If we look for it, there countless number of such hidden blessings in our life that we can focus on to bring us a sense of peace and calmness.

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