A Mindful Practice to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you are facing stress and anxiety in your daily life, it is important to find some time during the day to connect with yourself and to experience a few mindful moments.

You can be mindful when you are sitting in silence or when you are doing an activity. The key is to have your full mind on something, your complete attention.

Here is a simple practice to help you become more mindful today.

As you walk on the street, pay attention to your surroundings. If you see a plant, a tree or a green space, take a pause for a moment and pay full attention to it. Connect with this piece of nature. Look at the sky, pay attention to the color of the sky, the clouds and their shapes. Or if it is a blue sky, pay attention to its depth.

All these moments can bring you back to yourself and help you connect with yourself and your natural state of calmness. It reduces stress and anxiety, calms down your mind, slows down your breathing, reduces your heart rate and relaxes your body.

Make sure you have a few mindful moments during the day to connect with yourself and to enjoy life in its pure state.