Narjes Gorjizadeh (Ph.D.) is a materials scientist and a Certified Meditation Teacher of SoulCentre Academy. Always fascinated by the mysteries of nature and life itself, she studied physics and started her journey in understanding the laws of nature. Further on she realised that the journey of creativity and discovery in the science of materials although exciting it is not fulfilling; deep inside she was craving something more. Looking everywhere for the answer on how to find real happiness and how to discover and bring out the real potential we have, she encountered meditation and learned meditation from Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre Academy.

Meditation opened her eyes to a new world. She was fascinated to learn that meditation is a science, science of the mind; and that meditation is about understanding our mind and training our mind to bring out its immense potential. Meditation transformed her into a much happier and more positive person. The more she practices meditation, the more she sees its benefits.

Although Narjes continues doing research in physics of materials, today meditation and growing in the field of mind is a priority in her daily life. Meditation is her treasure and her passion. Having experienced how meditation transformed her life, she was inspired to share this amazing life-changing wisdom and effective techniques with others so that other people can benefit too. Narjes trained with Vikas Malkani and became a Certified Meditation Teacher with SoulCentre to teach meditation in all the three levels – Meditation Made SimpleTM, Meditation in ActionTM, and Masters of MeditationTM.