3 ways to remain mindful during the day

Mindfulness is a buzz word these days. But what is mindfulness and how to make it part of our daily routine?

Mindfulness is a modern term used for an ancient technique. It is about being in the moment and having your attention in the present moment as you live your life. Many of us have tried it here and there, but few of us remain mindful during the day.

Scientific research is showing that mindfulness has tremendous benefits on our health and our well-being. It reduces stress and anxiety, reduces depression, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune system and improves sleep, to name a few. In fact, it restructures your brain and creates a more resilient and a happier brain.

Here are 3 ways to remain mindful during the day to enjoy its many benefits.

1- Start your day mindfully

Morning is a great time to remember to remain mindful. When you start your day mindfully, you set the momentum for the rest of the day. As you are washing your face or taking a shower, stay present and pay attention to the water, the temperature of the water, the feeling of water running on your skin and the feeling of freshness that it gives you. Stay in the moment and enjoy the moment.

2- Commute mindfully

When you are commuting, whether you are walking or riding a bike or driving or taking a bus or train, stay present in the moment and pay attention to your surroundings. You will see different people and different views along the way. Pay attention to the environment and stay in the present. Whenever your mind starts wandering bring your attention to the present moment.

3- Eat mindfully

Eating is another great time to remain mindful. Take the time of eating as a time to relax and enjoy your food and to be in the moment. Do not work while eating and do not eat while you are working. While you are eating, chew the food slowly and pay attention to the taste of the food.

There are many opportunities during the day to remain mindful and to enjoy the present moment. Once you start practicing being in the moment as you go through your day, you will find that every moment is a precious moment and an opportunity to enjoy life.

Remain mindful during the day and stress and anxiety will gently release themselves from your life.